The WhiteCap Standard Crawl Space Liner is what made the WhiteCap brand a household name. This high strength, cord reinforced, polyethylene liner is superior to what you find in big box stores and made to be a permanent fixture when installed properly. Our WhiteCap Standard Crawl Space Liner will not break down over time like common plastics and they are highly resistant to tears by design. WhiteCap Standard is available in 12 mil and 20 mil nominal thickness which makes it ideal for complete crawl space encapsulation of the walls and floor. The Standard liners are designed for encapsulating crawl spaces with average traffic which is the majority of crawlspaces out there. Proper installation from your local Certified WhiteCap Installer will help to prevent mold, mildew, structural rot, nasty odors and even reduces energy and HVAC costs in many cases. Once the vapor barrier is installed, the encapsulation process is complete with the addition of the WhiteCap PureDry70 dehumidifier to control humidity and clean the air. To learn more about the WhiteCap Standard Crawl Space Liner and see if it's the right fit for your crawlspace, contact your local Certified installer today.

WhiteCap Standard Crawl Space Liner | Reinforced Poly Moisture Barrier

Product Features

  • Cord reinforced moisture barrier
  • Ideal for light to medium traffic
  • Proper installation can prevent pests, mold and wood rot