WhiteCap Premium Crawl Space Liner is the big brother to Standard and one of the highest quality reinforced plastic liners on the market with a real difference you can feel. WhiteCap Premium Crawl Space Liner is designed for the most rugged environments and toughest crawlspace encapsulation jobs. This liner series boasts a superior finish, chemical resistance, virgin polyethylene resin, heavy duty diamond pattern cord reinforcement and molten poly scrim layers to increase tear resistance. WhiteCap Premium is available in 6 mil, 12 mil and 20 mil sizes that are gauged to true mil thickness. The 6 mil is intended only for walls, but the 12 mil and 20 mil will work for both walls and floors. If you have a highly trafficked or rocky and uneven surfaced crawl space, ask your local Certified WhiteCap installer for the Premium liner in your encapsulation project. 

WhiteCap Premium Crawl Space Liner - Encapsulation System

Product Features


  • Strongest crawl space vapor barrier in the industry
  • Cord Reinforced Poly for the toughest projects
  • Stops moisture, odors and pests