WhiteCap Drainage Mat is our answer for a wet crawl space. This amazing dimpled drainage matting stops water from entering the conditioned crawl space and channels water to a sump pump or a footer drainage system like ez flow. Not only does WhiteCap Drainage Mat function as a water barrier, due to its’ dimpled design, it also creates a protective barrier between the floor of your crawl space and  your vapor barrier plastic. This can turn a sharp and jagged surface, that could damage a crawl space encapsulation liner, into a smooth surface that makes it easy to pull items across. We would like to add that WhiteCap Drainage Mat will save your hands and knees if you go in and out of your crawl space often. If installed and integrated properly, WhiteCap Drainage Matting may enhance the effectiveness of a radon system. This is increased when the reinforced plastic liner of choice is WhiteCap VOC Block since it is the only true vapor barrier and gas barrier liner in our industry.

If you have water in your crawl space, contact your local Certified WhiteCap Installer today to schedule your Free Inspection. Our Certified Installers are trained to identify the source of the problem, suggest the proper solution and install it to achieve the desired outcome and restore your peace of mind. Ignoring a wet crawl space can have negative repercussions such as wood root, mold and nasty odors that circulate throughout your entire home. Choose WhiteCap and improve the health of your home and your family today.

Crawl Space Waterproofing With WhiteCap Drainage Mat

Product Features

  • Increased layer of water drainage and durability.
  • Green Product.
  • Low-Temp Flexibility – Remains flexible when less than -22°F

Product Specifications

  • Thickness: .2952.
  • Compression Resistance: 729 lbs/in
  • Stud Height: .2968