Which Crawl Space Liner Is Right For The Job?

Crawl space liners are the heart of the encapsulation process. Using the wrong liner, or an inferior product, will not result in the desired benefits of having your crawl space encapsulated and ultimately cost you more money in the long run. There are a variety of crawl space liners, covers, plastics and insulation available on the market today and choosing the right one is the key.

If you have a dirt or gravel based crawl space, it is likely that your builder threw in a cheap, thin, piece of visqueen that is doing nothing more than harboring moisture and breaking down over time. In order to properly seal your crawl space from the earth and control the air you breathe, at minimum you need a polyethylene liner. Below is a breakdown of our WhiteCap crawl space liners.

  • WhiteCap Standard Liner is several steps above the industry standard as it is a heavy duty, multi-layer, cord reinforced poly vapor and moisture barrier.
  • WhiteCap Premium Liner is the Standards' big brother on steroids as it has a similar multi-layer system but is constructed with a thicker scrim material which improves its' tear resistance and durability in heavily trafficked crawl spaces.
  • WhiteCap VOC-Block has the durability properties of the Standard and Premium Liners, but adds addition layers to its' composition to block dangerous VOC gases along with moisture and vapors. There is no other liner on the market like it today!

Along with the three WhiteCap poly Liners, we also offer some unique solutions to crawl space problems.

  • WhiteCap Drainage Matting is used for crawl space waterproofing and installed underneath the WhiteCap poly Liner for extra drainage by channeling the water to the footer drainage system for removal. It also adds additional durability to the WhiteCap Crawl Space Encapsulation System by protecting the liner from being punctured by gravel or other debris below.
  • WhiteCap Insul-Liner is a radiant foil reflective barrier insulation that provides a solution to heat, cold and moisture problems in the crawl space. Unlike other insulation materials, it's R-Value is unaffected by humidity and water because it is also a moisture and vapor barrier.

WhiteCap Crawl Space Liners, Insul-Liner, & Matting