Wetness and Critters

Waterproofing & Encapsulation

Springfield, OH 45505
WhiteCap Liner


Cathy called her local Certified WhiteCap Installer with concerns about her and her husband’s old farm house that they owned. She explained that there were major issues with wetness and critters getting into the farm house. She was concerned that the soil the house is on retains water very well and that the walls were made of stone. Therefore, she was interested in waterproofing but wanted an expert’s opinion. Cathy decided to schedule a free consultation with her local WhiteCap professional to help find a solution.


The project manager arrived at Cathy’s home and did a thorough inspection of the home inside and out. The project manager sat with Cathy and went through the needs assessment with her to determine what she wanted and what the home truly needs. Due to the water problems and unwanted critters entering the home, he suggested that they get crawl space waterproofing and encapsulation with our WhiteCap products. Waterproofing seals out moisture and ensures that the water is draining away from the home. Encapsulation keeps moisture out, improving air quality, and makes the space healthy and livable. Cathy agreed with the proposal and the crew moved forward with the installations. Once the project was complete, Cathy and her husband had peace of mind, trust was earned and the objective of customer satisfaction was accomplished.