Crawl Space Mold

WhiteCap Encapsulation

Groveport, OH 43125
WhiteCap Liner


Valerie contacted her local Certified WhiteCap Installer for an Estimate Request regarding crawl space mold. The contractor contacted her to get more information about her problems in more detail. She stated that she had mold in her crawl space and it was a major concern. The original plastic that had been there for 19 years was still there and during her attempt to clean the crawl space she encountered a smelly odor as well as the mold. She had seen one of the WhiteCap commercials about crawl space encapsulation and decided to contact them for a Free consultation.


The Certified WhiteCap professional sent out a project manager to assess the crawl space. A thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the home was performed. The goal was to locate the problem and find what was causing it so that the issues would be prevented in the future. The project manager suggested the complete WhiteCap crawl space encapsulation system. It makes the area a usable and healthy space by relieving odors and mold and in doing so it creates a huge health benefit because 50% of the air we breathe comes from the crawl space. After discussing the options, she decided to move forward with the mold treatment and crawl space encapsulation and selected the Certified WhiteCap Installer as her contractor. The crew treated the mold with Anabec, sealed the crawl space thoroughly with reinforced WhiteCap liner and installed a dehumidifier to clean the air and maintain the proper humidity levels. In doing so it gave Valarie peace of mind concerning her crawl space, trust was earned, and the objective of customer satisfaction was accomplished.