Crack in Crawl Space

Pataskala, OH 43062
WhiteCap Liner
Power Post


Edwin reached out to his Certified WhiteCap Installer online with an Estimate Request with regards to his crawl space. The WhiteCap Installer contacted him to gather more information about the issues he was experiencing. He had a crack in the wall of his crawl space and it needed to be repaired. He also wanted insulation and support for his crawl space that was experiencing sagging floors. Edwin scheduled a free inspection with the Certified professional to find a solution.


The crawl space was thoroughly inspected and a needs assessment was completed. The Project Manager located the crack on the wall and suggested it be sealed with their crack injection process. They also recommended power posts for stabilization of the floor joist and WhiteCap liner to encapsulate the crawl space. After discussing the options with Edwin, they agreed that the Certified WhiteCap Installer was their contractor of choice. The crew sealed the wall crack, fixed the sagging floor joist with the  power post and WhiteCap reinforced vapor barriers were used to encapsulate the crawl space. In doing so Edwin and his wife were given peace of mind, trust was earned, and customer satisfaction was achieved.