Do you have a drafty or cold crawl space? Are you losing energy through your crawl space door? The WhiteCap Insul-Door is the solution. The Insul-Door is made of reinforced radiant barrier insulation and can be installed in a standard door opening or modified to fit varying sized openings. The Insul-Door stops air and pests, but features a zipper door that allows for entry and exit when needed. This is the perfect compliment to an encapsulated and insulated crawl space. For more information on the WhiteCap Insula-Door, contact your local Certified installer today.

WhiteCap Insul-Door | Insulated Crawl Space Door | Encapsulation

Product Features

  • Retrofit or new construction crawl space door
  • Vapor barrier, insulation, and pest block in one step
  • Made with reinforced, foil faced polyethylene
  • Door pouch can be infilled with additional insulation to increase R-value
  • Zipper door opens with ease