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Suffering from a Humid Home?

Is the humidity in your home becoming unbearable? Usually, high humidity levels in your home can be traced back to the crawl space. We can all agree that a humid home is an uncomfortable home, but what you may not know is that it can also become quite dangerous. High humidity levels can lead to unhealthy mold in your crawl space, which in turn can leave you and your family vulnerable to serious health concerns. To only name a few, you may begin to experience respiratory problems, headaches, skin conditions, and eye irritation.

It’s not only your personal health at risk, either. High humidity can put your entire home at risk by causing wood to rot and causing support beams and floor joists to decay. What seems like a simple annoyance can lead to serious problems for you and your family. It’s always best to take care of situations like these sooner rather than later.

WhiteCap is the Solution!

Through or tested and proven WhiteCap Crawl Space Encapsulation method, we can make sure that a humid home becomes the least of your worries. Our certified WhiteCap installers will start by cleaning up any existing nastiness in your crawl space, including damaged insulation, mold, and pests. From there, they will seal off your crawl space from any outside elements, including humidity-causing moisture from outdoors. This is a fully comprehensive method that includes installing drainage matting and vapor barriers to protect your crawl space for years to come.

The finishing touch lies in our top-of-the-line WhiteCap PureDry 70 Dehumidifiers. These aren’t your usual, run-of-the-mill dehumidifiers that you might find in a home improvement store. The PureDry 70 is professional-grade, specifically designed for tight crawl spaces, and can drain up to 70 pints of water every single day. The WhiteCap system is designed to be a permanent solution for your crawl space worries. When it’s done once, you won’t have to worry about it again.

You can check out some of our products below, and you can learn more about how exactly WhiteCap protects your home here.

After WhiteCap Encapsulation

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