WhiteCap Standard

WhiteCap Standard combines effectiveness and affordability into a multi-layer, cord reinforced, polyethylene liner. WhiteCap Standard is your lasting crawl space moisture solution.

WhiteCap Premium

Strength and durability unite! With heavy-duty, skrim reinforcement, WhiteCap Premium is the strongest vapor barrier in the industry! Premium is perfect for the tackling the toughest crawl space conditions.

WhiteCap VOC-Block

Concerned about air quality in your home? WhiteCap VOC Block carries the same properties as Premium, but features an EVOH infused vapor-gas barrier that resists radon, methane and harmful VOC's.

The WhiteCap Crawl Space System - The premier crawl space encapsulation solution.

The WhiteCap System restores the crawl space, recapturing it as part of your home, preventing problems like wood rot, mold, bugs, nasty odors, harmful gases, destructive moisture and energy loss. What makes the WhiteCap system so unique? Ask a certified installer and they will tell you that WhiteCap offers a full range of solutions to answer any crawl space repair challenge. The WhiteCap System also boasts several exclusive components, manufactured to the strictest of standards, offering solutions that other products neglect to address which ultimately leads to a dry, healthy, and energy efficient crawl space! Don’t just encapsulate your crawl space. CAP IT! with WhiteCap!

Common Crawl Space Problems


Cappy’s Easy WhiteCap Solutions

No Matter The Problem We Can Help!

WhiteCap Crawl Space Systems for all your crawl space needs.


Our Promise and Values

We strive to continually improve our materials, methods and training in an effort to provide the homeowner with a healthier living environment. We reserve the right to revolutionize the crawl space encapsulation industry.

Products For All Your Crawl Space Needs

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