WhiteCap Insul-Liner is your solution to a cold crawl space while maintaining all of the benefits of encapsulating with a reinforced poly liner vapor barrier. If your crawl space is abnormally cold and the floors above the area are cold as well, your home would benefit from encapsulation using Insul-Liner crawl space insulation on the walls. Standard fiberglass insulation applied to the walls is instantly ruined when it gets wet, harvests mold and is a great home to unwanted pests. WhiteCap Insul-liner is constructed of closed cell polyethylene foam as an insulation barrier sandwiched between insulating layers of aluminum foil with polyethylene backing for the radiant barrier. This means that WhiteCap Insul-Liner crawl space insulation provides a solution to heat, cold and condensation by insulating and reflecting to provide a conditioned and balanced space. Our WhiteCap encapsulation system cures a cold crawlspace with Insul-Liner crawl space insulation on the walls and Standard, Premium or VOC Block liner on the floor.  You will be amazed by the difference by the balanced temperature in your home and the savings on your utility bills! To learn more about the WhiteCap Insul-Liner crawl space insulation, contact your local Certified installer today.

WhiteCap Insul-Liner crawl space insulation is also a vapor and moisture barrier. This works wonders for a cold crawlspace!

Product Features

  • Mold and moisture resistant unlike fiberglass insulation
  • Can save on energy and lower utility bills
  • Keeps pests and critters out
  • Is a vapor barrier and insulation