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Insulating your cold crawl space means a more comfortable home

If you are suffering from cold floors and drafty air during the winter months, your cold crawl space could be to blame. Many homeowners don't realize how much of an impact your lower level can have on your overall comfort in your home. When a crawlspace is left unsealed, cold air from the outside has no trouble making its way into your home through the crawl space and rising up to the top of your house. The use of traditional fiberglass insulation in the crawlspace is also doing very little to combat the cold temperature. This type of insulation is not an effective air barrier, and if it becomes wet, which is not uncommon in the basement or crawl space environment, it will not offer any kind of insulating protection at all. Not to mention, this material can become a great home for rodents and other critters looking to escape the cold weather outside. 

Many people are searching the internet for crawl space heaters these days and that can be a very expensive decision. A crawl space heater costs you money, running that heater in the winter months will make for high utility bills and this is all for a temporary fix. Yes, warm air rises and the floors will temporarily be warmer, but why not properly insulation and seal the crawl space in the first place? This one time investment can save you money, improve the air that you breathe in your home and heat the floors above the crawl space naturally.

If you are experiencing any of these concerns this winter, don't let your thermostat do all of the work. Crawl space encapsulation and the proper insulating materials can increase your comfort and lower your monthly utility bills. Encapsulating with WhiteCap™ Vapor Barrier Liners on the floor and Insul-Liner on your walls provides the perfect remedy to heat, cold, and condensation.  When installed by a certified WhiteCap™ installer, you will begin to see a big change in the energy efficiency and temperature of your home. Contact us today to connect with your local Certified WhiteCap Installer. 

Cold Crawl Space Solutions | WhiteCap Vapor Barrier Insulation Encapsulation System

Cold Crawl Space Solutions | WhiteCap Vapor Barrier Insulation Encapsulation System