Annual Maintenance Inspections

In order for your WhiteCap Crawl Space Encapsulation System to continue performing optimally year after year, your Certified WhiteCap Installer will be performing Annual Maintenance Inspections. This is a premium level of service that you won't get from other encapsulation contractors and one that continues to add value for years to come. During the Annual Maintenance Inspection, your Certified WhiteCap Installer will perform a thorough exterior and interior inspection of the home to ensure no new problems have surfaced and that the system is performing optimally as it did the first day it was installed. The checklist below details what your contractor will be inspecting during the service.

Dehumidifier Check

  • Filter
  • Performance

Vapor Barrier Check

  • Inspect seams and terminations?
  • Reseal and fasten as needed?

Structural Check

  • Interior Walls
  • Columns
  • Floor Joists

Waterproofing/Sump Pump Check

  • Cycle pumps checking connections and verifying operation?
  • Clean sump basin of silt/sediment/debris?
  • Check Pump Discharge
  • Test Backup Battery voltage and Audible Alarm

Exterior Perimeter Check

Once the inspection is complete, your Certified WhiteCap Installer will recap the service performed and provide you with any issues or recommendations found that need addressed. At the end of the Annual Maintenance Inspection, your contractor will work with you to set the date and time of the next service.